High Repetition-rate Laser (HR) Group

High Repetition-rate Laser (HR) Group

Group members:

Dr. Péter Jójárt (group leader, research fellow)

Dr. Zoltán Várallyay (senior research fellow)

Zsolt Bengery (early-stage researcher)

Imre Seres (early-stage researcher)



Laser systems concerned:

HR1 laser is a CEP stable fiber laser system with 1 mJ output pulse energy at 100 kHz repetition rate (100 W average power) and 6.2 fs (1.85 cycles) output pulse width at around 1030 nm center wavelength. The HR1 system has a long pulse operation mode with <40 fs output pulse width and 150 W average output power. 

HR2 laser is a CEP stable, TW peak power system having 5 mJ pulse energy at a repetition-rate of 100 kHz (500 W average power) and 6 fs (1.8 cycles) output pulse width at around 1030 nm center wavelength.


R&D activity

Since the HR laser systems use nonlinear pulse compression stages to compress the pulses down to the sub-2 cycle regime, we launched a project which utilizes the same gas filled hollow-core fiber technology to further optimize the output in terms of efficiency and even shorter output pulse width. We aim to reach the single-cycle regime using the output of the long pulse operation mode of the HR1 laser system. This project implies the development of broadband dispersion compensating optics such as chirped mirrors and also the improvement of the available diagnostics.



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