Supporting Laboratories

Supporting Laboratories

General Chemistry Laboratory

The chemistry lab at ELI-ALPS is equipped to handle the basic chemical needs of users in terms of sample preparation and quality control. General sample cleaning protocols can be employed using a programmable drying oven, ultrasonic bath and plasma cleaner. More advanced equipment makes it also suited to the preparation of sensitive samples on the spot. An MBraun glovebox provides the necessary inert working conditions (oxygen and water free environment). Annealing of prepared samples is also possible up to 1200 °C in a Nabertherm L 5/12 programmable muffle furnace. We are equipped with a PGSTAT302N potentiostat/galvanostat, which enables advanced electrochemical measurements. It is equipped with an electrochemical impedance module and a small current module. We are also able to perform intensity modulated photocurrent spectroscopy (white and blue LED) with the current electrochemical setup.



Technical specifications of PGSTAT302N:

Potential range: +/- 10 V

Maximum current: +/- 2 A

Current ranges: 1 A to 10 nA (100 pA with ECD module)

Potentiostat bandwidth: 1 MHz

Used software: NOVA