Supporting Laboratories

Supporting Laboratories

Optical Workshops

Optical Workshops, Metrology

Spectrophotometry (R% & T%)

Spectrophotometer UV-Vis-NIR

PerkinElmer Lambda 1050 equipped with

  • URA (Universal Reflectance Accessory) AOI=8÷65°
  • DRA (Diffuse Reflectance Accessory), ø60mm and ø150mm integrating sphere
  • Three Detector Module for T% measurements, AOI=0°
  • 175-3300nm
  • D2+W-H → PbS+PMT+InGaS


ZYGO Laser interferometer (@HeNe) for surface form

Equipped with

λ/20@633nm reference plan/sphere for AR and HR coated optics respectively (no compromise with attenuators)

Optical coatings / systems

Spectroscopic Ellipsometry by SEMILAB (former Sopra)
  • Phase and phase-shift characterisation
  • UV-Vis-NIR range (193-1690nm)
  • Complex indices investigation
  • Anisotopic measurements
  • Surface morphology and coating stack structures
Measuring equipment for Lenses and Optical systems
  • +/- FL as well as BFL
  • CX and CC radii
  • Parallelism/wedge

Custom systems

in-house developed systems

Equipped with

  • Sources (WL, stab. HeNe, photodiodes, supercontinuum)
  • Detectors (spectrometers for Vis-NIR range)

Optical Preparatory Workshops

Component manufacturing

Custom optical components (Plano & Prims)

  • Dia. 11-200mm / edge length 22-80 mm
  • glass, FS, certain metals, ceramics, monocrystals to be processed
  • NC controlled optic cutter (low kerf-loss), 5-axis CNC fine-grinding, traditional lever and polising machines (for PUR ), laser interferometer...

                ... What we utilize and develop so far.

Design, characterization and deposition

Custom multilayer designs and coatings
  • We can design stacks by ourselves using OptiLayer Software from single layer characterisation to post-production engineering
  • Dieletric/ Metal/ Hybrid multilayers are possible to deposit
  • Equipped with resistance sources, e-beam, ion-assisted and sputter (DC/RF) deposition sources
  • Different substrate holders to fit various substrate attributes
Capabilities, limitations