General Information

ELI-ALPS Laser Research Institute as User Facility


The aim with ELI-ALPS’ foundation is to build the first user facility in attoscience. The institute’s equipment will produce the shortest electromagnetic pulses from the low frequency boundary of the terahertz through the infrared, visible, ultra-violet spectral ranges up to the soft X-ray and hard X-ray regimes. This way ELI-ALPS light sources are unique in the world by covering six orders of magnitude in frequency. The above mentioned apparatus is supported by high-tech workshops and laboratories - to make optical layers, carry out nanofabrication, image samples with high-resolution microscopy -, even on site, promptly during the user experiments.
The ELI-ALPS research institute is a new user facility dedicated to serve international research groups from around the globe. The mission of a user facility always goes far beyond the simple installation of cutting-edge, unique equipment and devices. That is why it is important in our commissioning phase to gain more and more experience by active participation of users. Our aim is to build and develop a facility for the forefront of science, and to provide an inspiring and unique home for laser science and technology, aiming towards the sharp edge of attoscience.

The User Office of ELI-ALPS welcomes any further questions!