During all experiments carried out at ELI-ALPS, users must comply with European, Hungarian and local safety policies, procedures and regulations.
Each person who works at ELI-ALPS is required to be familiar with and identify, in advance, the hazards associated with their work and work areas and to properly implement all necessary procedures and protocols for mitigating those hazards.

1 Safety Responsibles

Users are not allowed to enter the labs without being accompanied by a dedicated ELI-ALPS employee. Area managers (AM) are deployed in the preparatory and experimental labs, providing support as well as lab and equipment-specific training to users.

2 Experiment safety

Based on the information provided by the users, the ELI-ALPS EHS Department prepares user experiment safety assessment and defines necessary safety controls against each identified hazard to run the proposed experiment safely, specifies the trainings the user has to be completed.

Any changes to your proposal must be reviewed and approved by the EHS Department in advance. Late changes that involve potential hazards may not be approved.

3 User safety training

Users must complete an online e-learning training (EHS, fire and  general laser safety) and furthermore an on-site (laboratory and experimental equipment specific) safety training course successfully before starting work and receiving access to an ELI-ALPS lab. Additional trainings may be required depending on the potential hazards associated with the proposed experiment (e.g. radiation protection, chemical safety or biosafety).
All rules and procedures explained in the training materials are mandatory for users of ELI-ALPS.

4 Equipment and machines

Any machine, equipment brought and supplied by users must conform to the appropriate European and Hungarian safety regulations.
All machines and equipment should only be used, stopped and maintained per instructions for use.
User provided instruments and equipment will only be allowed to be used at ELI-ALPS after passing safety and technical approval.
If users intend to work with Class 3B and/or Class 4 lasers or be present in the lab during their operating, they must wear the proper laser safety eyewear. For users all necessary protective equipment is provided by ELI-ALPS in case of lasers belonging to ELI-ALPS.
If users are bringing an own laser, they shall also bring their own proper certified laser safety eyewear.
A formal registration and authorization by EHS Department is required in advance when users are bringing a Class 3B or 4 laser.

5 General EHS and fire safety rules for users

Users must comply with all the safety measures put in place to control hazards which have been identified for ELI-ALPS operation in general, and especially for the given user experiment based on the user experiment safety assessment. Typical mitigation and safety measures are communicated to users by ELI-ALPS before start conducting work.

Users may only perform work at ELI-ALPS if they are in a state fit for work and possess all the skills, expertise, professional knowledge, qualifications and medical fitness certificates required for the safe performance of their work.
The work of users may not endanger the health and safety, physical integrity and property of ELI ALPS employees and visitors or any other persons performing work on behalf of them, or any persons in the vicinity of the work site.
If hazardous work is to be performed, users must take all the necessary precautions to ensure that the work does not endanger health and safety.

Users must be familiar with safety signs – escape, emergency equipment, lifesaving system and appliances, fire fighting equipment, prohibition, warning and mandatory action signs - on the work site of the ELI-ALPS.
If the activity requires personal protective equipment (PPE) users are obliged to use them as prescribed, PPE must be in good condition and correctly worn.

Only designated transport routes may be used for materials handling and personal transport purposes, subject to the specified transport rules. Lifting/handling machinery may be used only by trained and authorized ELI-ALPS personnel.
Users must immediately notify the PIC or the AM if any personal injuries, near misses occur during their work.

In case of personal injuries requiring on-the-spot treatment, first aid kits, automated external defibrillators and the telephone numbers of persons trained to provide first aid can be found in the first aid points.

Draining pollutants, hazardous or toxic substances and waste water into the surface water drains at ELI-ALPS is prohibited.
Activities posing a fire hazard are prohibited in areas where they could lead to fire or explosions.
Smoking is prohibited on the entire premises of ELI-ALPS except in designated smoking areas.

6 Cleanroom

ELI-ALPS operates the research equipment in cleanrooms that are certified ISO7 and ISO8 areas (according to ISO 14644) both in the experimental hall (building A) and the complementary labs (building B).
In order to protect/prevent the labs from unnecessary contamination, clean room garment provided by ELI-ALPS must be worn and the cleanroom regulations must be followed according to the on-site training provided by the area manager.