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About Us

Building complex

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The ELI ALPS laser research institute is built on an old Soviet military base in the Northern part of Szeged next to main road no. 5.

Special building structures

  • 819 piles were drilled underneath the building site

  • The deepest piles are 45 meters below ground with a diameter of 1.8 m each and a special so-called bentonite-coated technology was used for the first time in Europe.

  • Special basement design reduces the load on the piles 

  • 133 000 m3 soil was excavated (special basement, storm water pond, utilities)

  • 5500 m2 vibration-free base required to ensure laser stablility

  • special radioprotection experimental halls with 1 m and 2 m thick walls and ceiling (MTA, HTA), “house-in-the-house” technology

  • total 4200 m2 clean room (ISO 7, ISO 8)

  • temperature stability: +/- 0,5 oC in the clean rooms

 Building complex

When designing the building complex the architects considered the special requirements of the research technology and serving the necessary functions of the facility. Accordingly the different functions are separated in the buildings as follows: 


  • Building A – different rooms, halls of the laser technology (laser halls and experimental areas) total net 6209 m2

  • Building B – scientific-technical rooms (labs, preparation workshops, offices of the researchers on the 2 lower floors, and the machinery rooms on the upper 2 floors serving building „A”, "B" and "C"), total net 7936 m2

  • Building C –offices on 3 floors plus reception, conference hall, library, seminar rooms, management offices, cafeteria), total net 7391 m2

  • Building D – multifunctional building for storage, servicing and maintenance of the complex, mechanical workshop, total net 2926 m2

  • Building E - Entrance building

Total net building area 24 462 m2

The maximum building height is 20 meter.

The promenade, pond (fed by storm water) and surrounding grassy areas adorns ELI ALPS with a beautiful entrance and a peaceful green microclimate for employees to enjoy.

Development area