Research Technology

Research Technology

Laser Infrastucture Division

Acting Division Head: Dr. Ádám Börzsönyi

Deputy Division Head: Dr. Bálint Kiss (research fellow)



Specification, procurement, and development of the major lasers systems of ELI-ALPS (2013-18)

Running, maintaining of the lasers, providing them for the external and internal users (2017- )

Do research and development towards high average power, high peak power lasers, with special regards to the HF100 laser system, as well as to the high energy upgrade of the MIR laser system (kMIR).

Running standard temporal, spatial, phase, etc. diagnostics and provide diagnostics services for all laser pulses / beams generated at ELI-ALPS, independently on their location.

Develop new diagnostics services and equipment.


The division consists of four groups, each are responsible for running / developing at least two independent laser systems


HF Laser Group

                HF PW laser

                THz1 laser

                THz2 laser

                HF 100 laser


HR Laser Group

                HR1 laser

                HR2 laser


MIR Laser Group

                MIR laser

                kMIR laser


SYLOS Laser Group

                SYLOS 2A/B laser

                SYLOS Experimental Alignment Laser