High Field Laser (HF) Laser Group

High Field Laser (HF) Laser Group

Group members:

Prof. Mikhail Kalashnikov (group leader, leading scientist)

Dr. János Bohus (research fellow, deputy area manager (THz lab)

Dr. Roland Nagymihály (research fellow, deputy area manager (HF lab)

Viktor Pajer (early-stage researcher)

Nikita Khodakovskiy (research fellow)


Laser system(s) concerned:

The group drives four laser channels. The High Field Laser system provides two channels. The most powerful channel delivers 2 PW power at the repetition rate of 10 Hz. In addition, it will have a separate beam line running at 100 Hz and providing CEP stabilized pulses of 10 fs duration and energy of 0.5 J.

The other two lasers are dedicated to experimenting with the THz source.

The first THz pump laser provides laser pulses with the following parameters: wavelength: 1030 nm,

energy: 500 mJ, pulse duration: 500 fs, repetition rate: 50 Hz.

The second THz pump laser has the following parameters: wavelength: 780 nm, energy: 1 mJ, pulse duration: 100 fs, repetition rate: 1 kHz.


R&D activity

The research and development activities are concentrated on the development of advanced technologies that will allow with Ti:Sapphire-based systems a combination of high peak and average power. In particular a petawatt peak power and a kilowatt average power. The technologies that are being developed are the Polarization encoded amplification and Thin Disk amplifiers, applied to Ti:Sapphire medium.   



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