Mid-Infrared (MIR) Laser Group

Mid-Infrared (MIR) Laser Group

Group members:

Dr. Bálint Kiss (group leader, research fellow, area manager)

Prof. Eric Cormier (leading scientist, scientific advisor)

Dr. Ludovit Haizer (research fellow)

Máté Kurucz (early stage researcher)

Roland Flender (early stage researcher)


Laser system(s) concerned:

The MIR laser system provides 140 µJ, 4 optical cycles pulses centered at 3.2 µm at 100 kHz repetition rate with <1% RMS stability over 8 hours of operation per day. The system has unique <100 mrad CEP stability, and also provides unprecedented CEP control during experiments.


R&D activity

The joint development of MIR laser with Fastlite between 2015-2017

Development of booster amplifier stage based on the recycling of remaining pump beam of the last existing OPA stage. The final output is expected to reach 200 µJ after compression, with all the other parameters (duration, energy and CEP stability) preserved or improved.

Development of postcompression stages by two techniques. The first is based on thin plates, while the second one is using a specially designed Kagomé fiber to reach the single-cycle regime. The resulting output will be a powerful tool to perform CEP sensitive experiments like charge dynamics in solids or electron dynamics in molecules.



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