Biomedical Applications Group

Biomedical Applications Group


Dr. Katalin Hideghéty (group leader, senior research fellow)

Dr. Rita Szabó (research fellow)

Dr. Tünde Tőkés (research fellow)

Róbert Polanek (early-stage researcher)



R&D activity

The Biomedical Application group performs research on potential clinical applications of laser driven ionizing radiation, and on boronated agents both for boron neutron capture therapy, and for boron proton fusion enhanced proton therapy. The medical physics research of our group includes Monte Carlo calculations on laser accelerated high-energy electron beams, and development of chemical dosimetry system appropriate for measurements on high and low LET radiation, on pulsed, ultra-intense particle beams, and physical reactions induced by laser filamentation. We use different in vitro and in vivo models for definition of the relative biological effectiveness of the different RT sources, and we have established the zebrafish embryo model for investigation on radiation modifying agents and on different radiation qualities. The main aim of the research on fish embryos is to develop a highly sensitive biological model for reliable measurements and intercomparison of the effects of laser driven ionizing radiation provided at high-intensity laser facilities.


E. R. Szabó, I. Plangár, T. Tőkés, I. Mán, R. Polanek, R. Kovács, G. Fekete, Z. Szabó, Zs. Csenki, F. Baska and K. Hideghéty

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Zebrafish, 13, 481--488, 2016


K. Hideghéty, E. R. Szabó, R. Polanek, Z. Szabó, B. Ughy, S. Brunner and T. Tőkés

An evaluation of the various aspects of the progress in clinical applications of laser driven ionizing radiation

J. Instrum., 2017


E. Beyreuther, K. Brüchner, M. Krause, M. Schmidt, R. Szabó and J. Pawelke

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PLOS ONE, 2017


K. Hideghéty, R. Szabó, B. Ughy, R. Polanek, Z. Szabó and T. Tőkés

ELI-ALPS ionizáló sugárforrások és orvosbiológiai kutatások és lehetőségek

Magyar Tudomány, 2016