Scientific Application Division

Division Head: Dr. Péter Dombi (leading scientist)

Deputy Division Head: Dr. Csaba Janáky (senior research fellow)



The mission of the division is to exploit the unique lasers and secondary sources at ELI-ALPS to pursue pioneering research in nanoscience, ultrafast physics and chemistry as well as radiobiology. The division consists of five groups. The primary aim of the Ultrafast Nanoscience Group is to study collective electron dynamics in nanosystems with unprecedented spatial and temporal resolution. This involves research on nanoplasmonics and ultrafast phenomena in various nanosystems. The Biomedical Applications group investigates potential clinical applications of laser driven ionizing radiation, and boronated agents both for boron neutron capture therapy, and for boron proton fusion enhanced proton therapy. The research of the Ultrafast 4D Imaging Group focuses on the disentanglement of electron transfer processes across interfaces relevant for photovoltaics, and the electron dynamics of molecular adsorbates with the help of the photoemission electron microscope (PEEM) based NanoESCA end station at ELI-ALPS. The principal goal of the Ultrafast Dynamics and Reaction Control Group is to probe ultrafast charge carrier dynamics at semiconductor interfaces and controlling of chemical reactions and charge transfer utilizing terahertz light pulses in the condensed and the gas phase. 


SA Groups:                                                         

Biomedical Applications Group

Surface Dynamics Group

Ultrafast Nanoscience Group

Ultrafast Dynamics and Reaction Control Group