AMO and Quantum Optics Theory Group

AMO and Quantum Optics Theory Group

Group members

Prof. Sándor Varró (group leader, leading scientist)

Prof. Ágnes Vibók (senior research fellow)

Dr. Imre Ferenc Barna (research fellow)

Dr. Attila Zoltán Czirják (research fellow)

Dr. András Csehi (research fellow)

Dr. Péter Földi (research fellow)

Dr. Péter Mati  (research fellow)

Dr. Mónika Angéla Van Leeuwen-Polner (research fellow)

Dr. Attila Tóth (research fellow)

Szabolcs Hack (early-stage researcher)




Development of models based on the quantum description of light, including attosecond pulses and strong field processes including HHG and ATI. Control of chemical dynamics by laser-induced conical intersections. IR-XUV Pump - probe numerical experiments and attosecond probing of ultrafast nuclear and electron dynamics.



PHYSICAL REVIEW B 96:(3) Paper 035112. (2017)

PHYSICAL REVIEW A 96:(6) Paper 063419. (2017)

JOURNAL OF PHYSICS B 50:(8) Paper 085005. (2017)

J. Phys. Chem. Lett., 8, 1624 (2017)