26-28 August 2020
ELI-ALPS Research Institute / online
Europe/Budapest timezone

ELISS 2020 is the fifth edition of the ELI Summer School series. The main goal of ELISS is to provide young scientists with a comprehensive overview of the generation and application of intense laser pulses and laser-driven particle and radiation sources. This year's ELISS is organized by ELI-ALPS, Szeged, Hungary, and will be held online on 26-28 August 2020.

Topics covered:

  • High-power ultrashort lasers
  • Generation and applications of intense THz radiation
  • Generation and amplification of ultrashort laser pulses
  • Generation of bright coherent and incoherent X-ray pulses using short pulse lasers
  • Particle acceleration and applications
  • Plasma Physics
  • Generation and application of attosecond pulses
  • XUV and X-ray optics
  • ELI user experiments

Confirmed Lecturers:

Gábor Szabó
Katalin Varjú
Ádám Börzsönyi
Subhendu Kahaly
József Fülöp
Péter Dombi
Dimitris Charalambidis
Eva Klimesova
Anna Zymakova
Jaroslav Neidl
Anne L’Hullier
Sambhu Ghimire
Fabien Quéré
Chris Phillips
Giulio Cerullo
László Veisz
Luca Poletto
Phillip Zeitoun
Martin Aeschlimann
Zulfikar Najmudin
Daniele Margarone
Gabriele Maria Grittani
Louis DiMauro
Robert Moshammer
Christian Ott
Hans-Jakob Wörner
Marcel Mudrich
Károly Osvay
Lucas Gallmann

ELI-ALPS Research Institute / online
6728 - Szeged, Wolfgang S. út 3.

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