12 July 2017
ELI-ALPS Research Institute
UTC timezone

Dear Colleagues,

on 12th July 2017 we are organizing our 3rd ELI-ALPS Science Day and it's a special one since this is our first time at the new ELI-ALPS facility.

Science Day also celebrates its 1st birthday as it was organized last summer for the first time. Now we have a tradition of sharing the most important news, research themes and scientific results with each other challenging the growing number of manpower in our institute.

See you on 12th July!


Registration deadline: 5th July 2017

ELI-ALPS Research Institute
Brain Conference Hall - C-003
5 Budapesti út, 6728 Szeged

What happened at the 2nd Science Day?

ELI-ALPS once more gathered together to attend the second biannual Science Day. This time talks focused on the soon to be installed SYLOS laser; the Mid-IR laser; THz generation; high harmonic generation and exciting practical applications of ELI-ALPS lasers, with a strong focus on photoelectric devices. There were several talks about the design, implementation and stability of optical and laser components within the beamlines. To name a few of the lecturers: Dimitris Charalambidis, Roland Nagymihály, Bálint Kiss, Ádám Börzsönyi and Dániel Papp also gave presentations.

The pdfs of the talks are available on the intranet HERE.

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