Research Equipments

Research Equipments

SYLOS Experiment Alignment - SEA

The SYLOS Experiment Alignment laser provides 3.5 TW peak power pulses with 12 fs duration at 10 Hz repetition rate. The laser system is engineered by EKSPLA Ltd. The chain starts with a common oscillator feeding both the 80ps picosecond Nd:YAG pump laser and a sequence of NOPCPA stages consisting of BBO amplifier crystals(Fig 1).

 Fig.1. Schematic layout of SYLOS Experiment AlignmentFig.1. Schematic layout of SYLOS Experiment Alignment

The most important output parameters are shown in Table 1. The energy can be slowly varied continuously from 10 mJ to 42.5 mJ while other parameters are kept constant. The pulse duration can be stretched up to 200 fs by adding negative chirp or alternatively by limiting the spectrum at the expense of pulse energy. All other parameters, including repetition rate and beam profile are not tunable.

Table 1. Measured laser parameters at the output

The typical spectrum ranges from 750 nm to 960 nm, with minor day-to-day variations (Fig.2 a), while the pulse duration is kept shorter than 12 fs. The beam profile is 57 mm in diameter and top-hat shape (Fig.2 b).

Fig.2. Typical spectrum (a) and near field beam profile (b)Fig.2. Typical spectrum (a) and near field beam profile (b)

Best-effort pulse duration, measured by chirp-scan.Best-effort pulse duration, measured by chirp-scan.

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