Particle and Terahertz Sources Division

Division Head: Dr. Christos Kamperidis (leading scientist)

Deputy Divison Head: Dr. Daniel Papp (senior research fellow)



The PaTHz  Division aims at delivering ultra-short, high repetition rate particle (electron, ion) and THz beams to the user community. Each source/beamline is taken care by the respective group, whose mission is to see to the successful implementation of the PaTHz beamlines and maintain optimum performance of these beamlines for the user community. Complimentary to this, each group will liaise closely with the Uuer community on the state-of-the-art experimental activities of the beamlines.


The division consists of three groups, each being responsible for the implementation of at least one user-oriented independent beamline


THz Source and Applications Group

Non-Linear THz Spectroscopy facility

High-energy THz source

Group members

Dr. József Fülöp (group leader, senior research fellow, THz-lab manager)

Dr. Vineet Gupta (research fellow)

Dr. Ashutosh Sharma (senior research fellow)

Abhishek Gupta (early-stage researcher)


Electron Acceleration Group

SYLOS driven electron acceleration beamline

Group members

Dr. Nasr Hafz (group leader, leading scientist)

Dr. Song Li (research fellow)

Dr. Dániel Papp (research fellow)


Ion Acceleration Group

HF PW driven ion acceleration beamline

Group members

Dr. Kwinten Nelissen  (senior research fellow)

Antonia Morabito (early-stage researcher)


R&D activity

The beamlines, to be implemented and operated by the PaTHz Division, require advances on novel scientific and technological topics, to accommodate the unprecedented operational repetition rate of delivery of the particle and THz beams. The Division’s members are conducting experimental investigations on these topics, through international scientific collaborations. The Division’s members are also performing extensive computational simulations in support of the current and upcoming experimental activity in THz, electron and ion beam generation, as expected to be delivered within ELI-ALPS.



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