Attosecond Sources Division

Division Head: 

Dr. Subhendu Kahaly (leading scientist)



The primary objective of the Attosecond Sources Division is to implement and further develop high-order harmonic beamlines, providing attosecond pulses (in forms of single pulses and pulse trains) for user and internal experiments. The implementation of these beamlines (2015-2019) are based on Technical Designs produced by contracted Developers. The implementation procedure starts with a tedious public procurement, revisiting engineering aspects of the designs, and is concluded by building up the entire systems complete with diagnostics and experimental endstations.

The flexibility of the beamlines will enable further developments in tailoring the produced radiation for individual requirements.


The division is built from four groups. Three of them are responsible for the implementation of high-order harmonic generation beamlines, while the fourth has a more general scope: the diganostics and applications of the attosecond sources.


HR Attosources Group

                HR GHHG GAS beamline

                HR GHHG CONDENSED beamline


SYLOS Gas Attosources Group

                SYLOS GHHG LONG beamline

                SYLOS GHHG COMPACT beamline


Surface Plasma Attosources Group

                SYLOS SHHG beamline

                HF SHHG beamline


Diagnostics and Applications of Attosources Group