Research Technology

Research Technology

Research Technolgy Service Unit

Group leaders: Árpád Mohácsi PhD, Viktor Várkonyi, Zoltán Vajna



Our mission in ELI-ALPS is quite straightforward, literally supplying Research Technology with in-house and prompt made custom solutions. This comes from the traditional four disciplines, electrical-, mechanical-, optical and vacuum workshops. All together we have solid manufacturing, testing, assembling and troubleshooting background. Preparing everything according to the blueprints from raw material processing to comprehensive performance measurements. Apart from in-house activities we also provide quality control of incoming components / sub-assemblies from different vendors.


The division consists of four groups.


Electrical workshop

Serious contribution to the Research Technology installations / commissioning, including each primary sources and beamlines, PSS, MPS, timing, DAQI and all the related facility systems. Highly equipped electrical workshop to allow members and users to access full spectrum of available solutions.


Mechanical workshop

Merge together traditional milling- and high-end CNC technology. Precision machining, welding, assembling, 3D coordinate measurements, CAM programming and rapid prototyping, just a few from the core capabilities.


Optical Preparatory Workshops

Consist of the polishing-, optical thin film coating-, optical preparatory- and target fabrication labs. Provide any kind of solid substrates (made of glass, crystals, ceramics, metals, etc. even with extraordinary attributes) with custom multilayer coatings deposited as well as wide variety of associated optical metrology service. Development and characterization of specific laser target is also possible.


Vacuum Technology and Equipment Assembly Group

Members of the group have different roles:

Related to cleanrooms we provide comprehensive cleaning service, maintain disposable- and dedicated cleanroom garments, supply relevant consumables, monitor cleanroom conditions as well as advice in cleanroom regulation / instructions matters.

Regarding to vacuum technology we are responsible to design, commissioning and maintenance of all kind of vacuum systems (rough-, HV & UHV) and sub-systems including installations to the auxiliaries (e.g. cooling water, process gas, etc.). Performance tests from leak detection through RGA to complete documentation are also under serious consideration.