Research Technology

Laser and Radiation Safety Division

Division members

Dr. Tamara Kecskés  (division head)

Károly Bodor (radiation protection expert)

József Kónya  (fire safety officer)

Gábor Lukács (security coordinator)

Dr. Albert Oszkó (radiation protection officer)

Kornél Untener (laser safety officer)

Dr. Péter Zagyvai (radiation protection advisor)

Izabella Zala  (environmental protection specialist, dangerous goods safety advisor)




Environmental, health and safety policy

Munkahelyi környezet-, egészségvédelmi és biztonsági politika

Our group provides safety support through managing risks, assessing and evaluating the environment, advocating safe work practices, making decisions on safety measures (technical, administrative measures and personal protective equipment), providing trainings and ensuring compliance with European, national legislation and company rules for the health and safety not only of employees but also of users/visitors to ELI-ALPS site and others who may be affected by ELI-ALPS’s activities.

Our safety mission benefits us all by minimizing exposures, reducing injuries, preventing property damage, and strive for our employees of health and wellbeing at work.

We are giving safety related expertise regarding to the building, processes, procurements, instruments and equipment, preparing safety related policies and regulations of ELI-ALPS, developing safety training materials and providing safety trainings.


The group consists of safety experts representing safety management, occupational health and safety, laser and fire safety, radiation and environmental protection as well as dangerous goods advice and management.