Surface Dynamics Group

Surface Dynamics Group

Group members:

Dr. László Óvári (group leader, research fellow)

Dr. Gyula Halasi (research fellow)

Dr. Csaba Vass (research fellow)



R&D activity

Understanding ultrafast processes in solid materials is highly important from both scientific and technical points of view.  The group focuses on characterizing time dependent phenomena also with spatial resolution. The photoemission electron microscope (PEEM) based NanoESCA end station - under construction - will be capable for time, energy, and spin resolved imaging of surfaces either in real space or in the momentum space. Regarding material systems, we are interested in energy materials like perovskite nanostructures on semiconducting oxide surfaces. Our aim is to disentangle electron transfer processes across interfaces relevant for photovoltaics. Electron dynamics of molecular adsorbates, e. g. molecular switches on surfaces is also pursued. While for practical applications it would be advantageous to link molecular switches to surfaces, the interaction with the substrate often hinders switching itself. Therefore, a deep understanding is needed to construct switching systems on solid materials. We are currently studying azobenzene derivatives on two dimensional materials.



R. Gubó, C. M. Yim, M. Allan, C. L. Pang, A. Berkó and G. Thornton

Variation of SMSI with the Au:Pd Ratio of Bimetallic Nanoparticles on TiO2(110)

Top. Catal., 10.1007/s11244-017-0854-5, 2017