Commissioning User Call

Commissioning User Call

Commissioning User Call

Introduction. ELI-ALPS welcomes the submission of proposals for scientific experiments that will support the commissioning of the following research technology equipment:

  • Lasers

o   HR1

o   MIR

o   SYLOS Alignment



  • Other

o   Electron-beam lithography

o   Biomedical laboratory

o   Nonlinear THz Spectroscopy Facility (NLTSF)

o   Transient absorption and pump-probe spectrometers with <10 fs resolution


Aims.  The main purpose of these experiments is to engage the scientific community in the testing and the commissioning of these lasers and instruments through research. Furthermore, the aim of the facility is to improve and validate the procedures set up for user facility operation.

ELI-ALPS provides beamtime as well as technical and scientific support for the experiments. Parties shall bare their own costs arising in connection with the fulfilment of experiments. All proposals will be evaluated through a peer review procedure.


Limitations. As the experiments will be performed during the commissioning period of the facility and also serve the optimization of beyond the state of the art research technology equipment, please note that ELI-ALPS cannot guarantee either the full functionality or the maximum stability of the systems. All efforts will be made to ensure successful experiments and prevent any inconvenience, but ELI-ALPS reserves the right to reschedule or cancel an experiment on short notice.


Formal requirements. The proposal should contain the description of the scientific project and the preferred research technology equipment required for its implementation.


Submission and review. We encourage all applicants to discuss the proposed experiments with the User Office ( including the beamline staff prior to the submission of the proposal.

Proposals should be submitted to our User Office. Communication with and other documents to be filled by the users will be sent electronically by the User Office via the

The proposal submission is continuous. A deadline for the collection of the proposal is set on the 20th of December 2019. After submission the proposal will be evaluated and, if approved, access time is expected to be allocated between 3 and 8 months after the submission.

The proposals will be reviewed by an international scientific expert panel, and the final decision to go ahead with a proposal made by ELI-ALPS management. In this phase, a main review criterion will be the relevance of the proposed experiment to the commissioning process of the respective systems as well as how the experiment will explore the advanced technical opportunities offered by the research technology equipment.

The technical feasibility of proposals will be assessed by ELI-ALPS. The decision of the reviewers and the outcome of the feasibility assessment will be communicated to the proposers in approximately two months’ after submission.


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