Abstract submission

The online paper submission system is open. A number of contributed papers covering original, unpublished work on the conference topics will be accepted for presentation. The deadline for the submissions is Sunday 3rd March, 2019, 23:59 CET time. No papers will be accepted after this deadline.

Authors must obtain appropriate approval to have their paper reviewed by and presented to an international audience. Registration is open to all members of the scientific and technical community.

Authors will be notified whether their papers have been accepted by Friday 10th April, 2019. Notifications will be sent to the email address as given during the electronic submission. The date and time for presentation will be determined after the programme committee has reviewed the papers.

Prior submitting, carefully read all instructions below and then submit here.

The option “Invited Talk” is only authorized for the pre-invited presenters. Do not choose this option unless you were explicitly formerly pre-invited to present an invited talk at the Conference.

Authors are requested to electronically submit an one page summary in pdf format. Layout recommendations are given here.

Directives for the electronic submission:

The submission procedure takes the following steps

  • fill in the online form
  • upload an one page abstract in pdf format.
  • receive a proper success message on the screen and by email in automatically.

Please take care of the following hints:

  • Do not use CAPITAL WORDS for example in author names or the title (except for common acronyms).
  • Prefer to use full first names. Middle initials can be added after the first name. Do not state academic titles.
  • Submit all the authors’ information and add as many authors as required.
 The system will not allow the conference organiser to make any change and the person registering the submission is entirely responsible for entering the full and correct list of all the authors.
  • You need to upload an one page summary in PDF format. Contributed papers will be selected on the basis of this document, thus it should convey the original results rather than describe the research topic.
  • The 1-page summary will also be published in the conference digest. Authors who do not authorise these publications need to send an email to atto2019_organizers@eli-alps.hu.


In the final step you will receive a submission confirmation on screen and by email. Be sure to get this confirmation to ensure the proper registration of your contribution in the conference database. The confirmation email which will be sent will contain your personal link for corrections. Corrections are authorized up to the submission deadline. After that deadline the review process will begin and no change can any longer be brought.


Modify an already submitted abstract:

In the exceptional case an already submitted contribution needs to be modified, please use your personal link for modification you received during the contribution submission.


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