University of Szeged Congress Centre

The University of Szeged Congress Centre was founded in January 2005 by a collaboration between the University of Szeged and the local government. The Centre has since proved to be a perfect venue with more than 200 business, cultural and scientific events per year.

The architecturally impressive building can be found in the heart of the city and is a very important part of the University of Szeged. The information centre is 25,000 square meters big and the whole building (all 6 floors) has mobility access. The building can host 1300 people. The Centre is a green institution and is equipped with LED lightings, solar panels and geothermic cascade heating system.

All the lectures of ATTO2019 will be held in the Congress hall of the Centre with the exhibition on the ground floor and the poster sessions on both first and second floor. The coffee and lunch breaks, as well as the festive gala dinner, will be held in the spacious Atrium of the building complex.

The detailed venue map will be available soon.

Download the brochure of the Congress Centre.


University of Szeged Congress Centre H-6722 Szeged, Ady square 10.