The Extreme Light Infrastructure, ELI, is happy to welcome you to Szeged (Hungary) to discuss with world leading specialists the most recent research results obtained with lasers, free electron lasers and synchrotron radiation in the field of ultrafast dynamics in all types of samples from atoms and molecules to clusters, surfaces, interfaces and solids. This will also allow addressing the exciting perspectives in the field using the new possibilities offered by ELI.
The Extreme Light Infrastructure, first international laser research infrastructure is now in the final stage of its implementation on three sites in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania, under the overall coordination of the ELI-Delivery Consortium ( ELI Attosecond Light Pulse Source (ELI-ALPS), the Hungarian pillar of ELI based in Szeged, will provide ultrashort light pulses at high repetition rate in the spectral range between THz and X-rays. ELI-ALPS is dedicated to exploring elementary processes in physics, chemistry, materials science, and biomedicine, with emphasis on extremely fast dynamics, probed by taking snap-shots of electron motion on the attosecond time scale in all states of matter (          

Ultrafast Dynamics and Time-Resolved Interactions” is a satellite meeting of the International Conference VUVX2016 (, which will take place in Z├╝rich, 3-8 July 2016.