European Researchers’ Night


The 12th European Researchers' Night was organised on 29 September 2017.


The event has been held every September since 2005. The Researchers’ Night celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2015 - about 1.1 million citizens and 18,000 researchers took part, in the scientific events organised in over 300 cities within Europe and neighbouring countries.


The aim of the event was to show people what researchers really do for society in interactive and engaging ways, promoting research careers to young people and their parents. In 2017 all the events will take place - simultaneously - on 29 September, in over 300 cities across Europe and in neighbouring countries.


This year we prepared interactive programmes for the visitors - young ones and adults as well - on Friday. They had the opportunity to participate in an augmented reality tour around ELI-ALPS facility, fill in a quiz, escape from a labyrinth using a laser pointer and paint an ELI lantern that glows in the dark.