High school teachers’ training at ELI-ALPS

ELI-ALPS is committed to promote science and inform the society about research activites carried out in the research institute. On the 25th of August, high school teachers from all around the country, teaching physics, biology, chemistry, or unified natural history, met for the first time to participate at a training. Their information is vital partly because of their knowledge broadening, and beacuse all teachers are in contact with hundreds of students every day, and pass their knowledge reliably to the younger generation.


Participants of the training heared talks about ELI project, the technological facilites, the research opportunities provided by the pioneering laser systems and the research results. Teachers then had the chance to peak into the laboratories of the institute and got to meet ELI-ALPS colleagues for free discussions. At the end of the day, the group concluded how the gained knowledge can be introduced to the high school curriculum.


According to positive feedback from the participants, the training will be organized annually, with a planned accreditation.