ELI-ALPS at the 33rd European Conference On Surface Science


Our colleagues represented ELI-ALPS with talks, posters and a stand at the 33. European Conference on Surface Science held in the Library of the University of Szeged. Approximately 400 researchers from all over the world participated at ECOSS to investigate atomic processes at the surface of materials and to discuss their experience.


According to ECOSS chairman András Berkó, ’The conference is a perfect opportunity form young researchers to present their results, and in the meantime, the have the chance to meet their fellow researchers from other countries.’


As a sponsor of the event, we also introduced the research centre through talks and through an exclusive site visit programme to the international scientific community, mainly focusing on ELI-ALPS’s light sources and research stations. The most relevant European surface science  conference’s scientific programme reached out to several professional fields that could be incentive for ELI-ALPS’S research plans and for arriving researchers.