THz Kick-off Meeting in Szeged


The kick-off meeting for the implementation of the pump laser of energetic THz pulses took place on 9 March in Szeged. According to the implementation strategy of the THz capability of ELI-ALPS, the parametres of the pump laser have been provided by the developer of the THz sources and laboratory, Prof. János Hebling and his colleagues at the University of Pécs. Amplitude Group (Amplitude Technologies and Amplitude Systémes) won the public procurement for the planning and manufacturing of our unique laser source. The value of the contract is EUR 2,8 million.


The terahertz pump laser is unique as it is in half way between the ”short” and ”long pulse” lasers already well established in the laser industry, as it has to generate laser pulses with an energy of 0.5 Joule, duration of 0.5 ps at 50 Hz repetition rate. The system is scheduled to arrive in June 2018, while the operation is planned starting two months later. The High Intensity Laser Group led by Mikhail Kalashnikov is proud to be the professional supervisors of the project and future operators of the laser.