ELI-ALPS Grand Scientific Opening


ELI-ALPS Grand Scientific Opening was organized on the occasion of the successful installation of the mid-infrared laser and the THz spectroscopy pulsed source. The first laser systems have started shining in the facility. The research institute’s midinfrared laser has been developed in a joint research and development project led by Fastlite, with the participation of ELI-ALPS colleagues for approximately EUR 1,6 million. This system has been successfully installed in ELI-ALPS and is the first to have passed the site acceptance test.


The Grand Scientific Opening event started with a press conference where Lóránt Lehrner Managing Director emphasized that this is a very important milestone in the life of the facility. Károly Osvay Research Tecnology Director said: ”The now operational mid-infrared laser is unique as it provides energetic, few optical cycle laser pulses tuneable over a broad range of the mid-infrared regime. This system surpasses the current ones not only in peak power by a factor of 3-5, but also in operational stability. The high repetition rate laser is unique also from its architecture and design. This is the very first research grade short pulse laser which is based on the well established diode and fiber laser technologies, combining it with the advanced methods of pulse shortening and phase stabilization. The result is a robust, yet table top laser system providing two optical cycle pulses at 100kHz repetition rate with a 24h long shot-to-shot stability.” Zsolt Fülöp Envoy Extraordinary for the coordination of the ELI consortium (National Research, Development and Innovation Office) highlighted the importance of the international collaborations.


During the Grand Scientific Opening event the status of the facility and the opened reseach oportinities were presented, while talks of destiguished European collaborators and users of the ELI-ALPS infrastructure were given about why ELI-ALPS is unique for their research program and future plans. We also had the chance to introduce the audience Prof. Bert Sakmann – Nobel Prize laureate and the Director of Education at Szeged Scientists Academy – who emphasized in his talk the future research possibilities at ELI-ALPS.  


The detailed programme of the event is avaliable here.