ELI-ALPS User Workshop

The 5. ELI-APLS User Workshop ended with success. The event was held on 9-10 November, after the ICEL 2017 and the Grand Scientific Opening - as a worthy closing of a really eventful week.


The User Workshop started on Thursday afternoon. The first presenter János Hebling (University of Pécs) talked about Application possibilities of the THz facilities of ELI-ALPS. He was followed by: Hans-Jakob Wörner (ETH Zurich) - Attosecond dynamics in molecules and liquids: present and future perspectives; Eric Cormier (ELI-ALPS, University of Bordeaux) - Mid-Infrared intense pulses for atomic, molecular and solid state physics; Robert Moshammer (Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics) - Reaction microscopes visualize the dynamics of atoms and molecules, and Martin Aeschlimann (University of Kaiserslautern) - Probing ultrafast electron and spin dynamics in momentum, space, and time.


The two-day event continued on the 10th of November, and it was opened by Tino Eidam’s (Active Fiber Systems) presentation: Technology of the ELI-ALPS HR laser - few-cycle laser pulses at ultrahigh average powers. He was followed by Kiss Bálint (ELI-ALPS) - A mid-infrared laser for ELI-ALPS; Michael Bauer (University of Kiel) - Ultrafast Dynamics in Correlated Materials probed by time-resolved XUV-ARPES, and Paris Tzallas (FORTH, ELI-ALPS) - Quantum spectrometer for high-order harmonics generated in crystals using mid-IR driving laser sources-spoke.


The afternoon session started after a refreshing coffee break, where the visitors could listen to Amelle Zair’s (Imperial College, London) presentation - Synthesised laser field for controlling high order harmonics sources; Agapi Emmanouilidou (University College, London) - Core hole formation in atoms and molecules driven by free-electron laser radiation; Boris Bergues (MPQ) - Nonlinear optics with 100-eV attosecond pulses; Ákos Kövér (MTA-ATOMKI) - Angular distribution of photoelectrons induced by XUV and laser light, and Hartmut Schröder (MPQ) - A quantitative study of ionization in super-intense laser fields. The event was closed by Dimitris Charalambidis (ALI-ALPS) Chair of the 5th ELI-ALPS User Workshop.